An Acclaimed Fence Marketing Agency

Jonathan Barber and Jake Rubnitz, Owners at Blueprint Fence Marketing


Why Blueprint Fence Marketing is the #1 ranked Fence marketing agency

We build hyper local campaigns that bring interested customers into your shop resulting in more calls and more visits.

  • Hyper local paid search campaigns to increase estimation requests
  • Full access to the owners cell phone for the best customer service
  • Acceleration local SEO to rank you in the map pack resulting in more traffic to your site
  • Call tracking so you can listen to your customers and track front desk conversions
  • Competitor tracking and ranking comparisons so you know how you’re ranking against competitors
  • Conversion optimization so your website visitors call and visit more often


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Calls and More

We use the acceleration method to help you outrank your competitors, get more calls and more visits, and stop relying on word of mouth marketing.

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