Pay Per Click

Jonathan Barber and Jake Rubnitz,
Owners at BluePrint Fence Marketing

Jonathan Barber and Jake Rubnitz,
Owners at BluePrint Fence Marketing


Why your PPC might be failing

There’s a number of significant factors which determine the success of your PPC campaign. Here are a few common mistakes many people make:

  • Sending PPC traffic to a slow website
  • Not having specific enough ad group siloes
  • Sending all Google ads traffic to your home page
  • Not separating search and display campaigns
  • Not adding call extensions
  • Having only broad match keywords
  • Having too many broad match keywords
  • Neglecting adding negative keywords
  • Not retargeting
  • Running ads 24/7 instead of only during your business hours
  • Not tracking your cost per conversion


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We use the acceleration method to help you outrank your competitors, get more calls and more visits, and stop relying on word of mouth marketing.

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